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Welcome to MCC Mentoring, Coaching, Counselling

With over 20 years experience as a Chief Executive of NHS Trusts, Health Boards and National Bodies in England Wales and Scotland, I know what it is like to be at the cutting edge.

I also know from the work I do, of the ever increasing demand for empathetic, confidential, personal executive coaching support for hard pressed staff who often don’t know where to turn next. Having been there and done it, I can offer that practical immediate support and a way forward for you.
Stuart Gray, MCC

MCC provides a uniquely personalised mentoring, coaching and counselling service tailored specifically to support your needs and circumstances.

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I work with Chief Executives, chairmen, Executives, Senior Specialists in Management, Management Teams, Clinicians in Management, staff at any level. specialist services - I work with you in developing options and solutions to achieve a successful outcome. The services I provide are based on my own personal experience

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